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Helena and Lucia Cuesta

We spoke with Faithfull Girls and sisters Helena and Lucia Cuesta to learn their top 5 must-do’s when visiting the dreamy island of Lanzarote, The Canary Islands.


“What to do: ”

Lucia: Rent a car and fully discover the island, best spots are El Golfo and El Lago Verde, Playa del Caleton Blanco, Famara, Playa del Papagayo and Arrieta

Helena: Lanzarote has a lot of places to go, especially visiting the works of the artist César Manrique.


“Where to go: ”

Lucia: Jameos del Agua, Mirador del Rio, Cesar Manrique home in Haria (a cute village in the north) Cesar Manrique Foundation, Lagomar and Casa del Campesino


- César Manrique Museum house/studio and get to know the famous artist more closely
- Lagomar Museum (Actor Omar Sharif's old house) was designed by César Manrique. A dreamy place where you can go to have a drink during the sunset.
- Jameos del Agua, is a unique volcanic tunnel with caverns in which there is an auditorium and a saltwater lake.
- Mirador del Río, is one of the most characteristic architectural creations of César Manrique where you can go to enjoy the amazing views at the café. Tour the island by car and discover all the volcanoes, it looks like you are on Mars.
- Playa del Papagayo, is one of the best beaches on the island.


“Where to stay: ”

Lucia: Alava Suites, a cute hotel with the best breakfast

Helena: Alava Suites, La Casa de los Naranjos or the Palacio Ico Hotel are really nice places to stay during your visit to the island.


“Where to eat:”

Lucia: Casa Tato, La Casa de Los naranjos, El Diablo and Palacio Ico.

Helena: Restaurant Palacio Ico, Canarian cuisine, seasonal and local products. 


“What to wear:”

Lucia: A lot of bikinis, pareos and cute dresses.

Helena: Cute dresses and don't forget the bikini.