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Interview: Sarah & Joanna Halpin

Meet Sarah & Joanna Halpin, from our latest Editorial - as we converse over their stay in Byron Bay,

ideal weekend escapes and what inspires them. 


You recently shot for us in Byron Bay, Australia – do you have any highlights from your time with us? 

"Escaping the British winter has to be near the top. As does being reunited with Joanna (for us, a month apart feels like a lifetime). Despite it being such a fleeting visit, I couldn't have imagined a nicer couple of days in better company. I enjoyed everything apart from the mosquito bites. And the jet-lag." - Sarah 

"The whole trip, it was such a lovely, (but unfortunately brief) couple of days. I hadn't seen Sarah for over a month so that was amazing to be reunited with her and getting to spend time together. And just the whole team, shooting with Emily was so nice as she made us feel so at ease whilst shooting. And Tarra from the brand is just the best, we get on so well with she spent the entire time making us laugh." - Joanna


An ideal weekend for you looks like..

"An ideal weekend would be summer in London and I would spend it with Sarah and friends wandering around broadway market, sitting in the park drinking wine. And probably end up in a pubs beer garden. When it's sunny in London everyone is in such a good mood and it changes the whole feel of the city; there is no where I'd rather be." - Joanna 

"Waking up without a hangover. Spending time wandering around East London in the (rare) sunshine, bumping into friends and visiting local wine bars / restaurants." - Sarah


“I felt overwhelmed by both it's beauty and uniqueness”

You girls travel a lot for work, where are some of your favourite places you have been?

"I got to go to Sri Lanka a few years ago and loved it and have been wanting to go back. And we have just found out we have a trip there at the end of the month so that is very exciting and I can't wait to go again." - Joanna

"For me, the first place that springs to mind would have to be Iceland; I felt overwhelmed by both it's beauty and uniqueness. " - Sarah 



When you think of FAITHFULL THE BRAND what comes to mind?

"Femininity and playfulness." - Sarah 

" I think of beautiful, elegant feminine prints and styles that can be very versatile. From the shoot we did I liked how all of the dresses were loose and oversized and could very easily be dressed up or worn with trainers." - Joanna


Places on your bucket list are..

"We have already been but would love to go back to Japan. We went for a few weeks last year and had the most incredible inspiring time travelling around. I would also love travelling around by train so to do the Trans Siberian Railway and take photos along the way." - Joanna 

"South Korea, New Zealand (inspired by Joanna's recent visit) and another trip to Japan." - Sarah


“If I'm in the right frame of mind to be inspired then I think inspiration is everywhere”

Who inspires you?

I am inspired more by things I see and experience than people. I think anything and everything can be inspiring whether that’s going to an exhibition, talking through ideas with Sarah, travelling somewhere new. If I'm in the right frame of mind to be inspired then I think inspiration is everywhere." - Joanna


You girls mentioned you’re into Podcasts – any in particular we should listen to?

"There's this one Joe Rogan episode with (neuroscientist) Matthew Walker which I think everyone should listen to, atheist once." - Sarah 

"For news I listen to Guardian: in Focus or Monolce Radio. And then for entertainment I love true crime like : The Lighthouse, My Favourite Murder. And an all time favourite is Desert Island Discs." - Joanna


What were your favourite pieces from the collection?

"I loved the white floral dress with the larger flower print. It is so pretty and feminine and opposite of how I would usually dress. But it felt so nice to be more girly and wearing such pretty dresses for the day." - Joanna 

"My favourite look was a pale linen set - the Chaumount Shirt and Celia Skort, in Daffodil Yellow" - Sarah


Your top three travel essentials are..

"Headphones, lip balm (Nuxe Reve du Miel) and something to read." - Sarah 

"Weleda skin food to keep my face moisturised, a big big extra large bottle of water, and right now I'd say a mask to stay as healthy as possible." - Joanna

Photographer :

Emily Yates & Faithfull The Brand

Models :

Sarah & Joanna Halpin