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We care

We care deeply about our people and our planet, so we’re continually investing our time and resources in doing better and being greater.

From our manufacturing choices and supply chains to our internal culture, employee benefits and charitable giving, we want to share some of what we’ve done, what we currently do, and why.

Our Commitments

Faithfull is committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible garments that you can feel great about wearing on the inside, and out. Every decision we make aims to minimise our environmental footprint and maximise our positive social impact. Here’s how…

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Our Products

All Faithfull products are handmade locally in the country our brand was founded, which allows us to maintain integrity, monitor quality and ensure our long-standing partners are well cared for.

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Our BCorp Certification

Faithfull the Brand is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation, based on our commitment to our community, our conscious business practices and our pledge to be a force for good.

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