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Holly Chippendale

We caught up with Faithfull girl and friend of the brand, Holly Chippendale to discuss her upcoming travel-inspired book 'Le Mediterranean', her recent videography work for our latest collection 'Sol De Verano' and the dreamy destinations she holds close to her heart.


1. Can you please introduce yourself:

Hi, my name is Holly and I am Australian, but I call Bali, Indonesia home. I am a bit of a mix of creative - spending half my time between film photography and videography; then the remaining half diving into all things design and eccom for my co-founded House of Slim interiors brand. I was a part of the Faithfull team for 5 years, and branched out on my own a few years ago - so it’s always a pleasure when I am able to reunite with the Faithfull team on projects.

2. You’ve recently launched an exciting coffee table book featuring photographs captured throughout your travels within the Mediterranean, tell us about this project:

My first book, Le Mediterranean is officially live which feels quite surreal, and definitely is my proudest achievement yet. It is a hardcover coffee table book for the visual senses, captured across Croatia, Greece, Spain and Italy. Alongside dreamy landscapes, we feature some of our favourite boutique hotels in the region which were produced by Cristina Mengual from the ever-inspiring @SeeLaDanse.. very much transporting you to a mesmerising summer. I came to the realisation a few years ago that travel photography was what made me happy and from then envisioned a book in my career path. There’s this giddy feeling that takes over when I look at a film photo from European summer, and have an entire book that embodies this messy, vibrant and real moment in time... I couldn’t be more excited for its release.

3. Where are some of your favourite destinations you’ve ever travelled to or photographed?

That’s a really tough one. Travel wise Milos truly holds a place in my heart. The sea, the food, the people.. experiencing the island driving around on mopeds, setting up on different coves, I think it’s one of my favourite locations in Europe and am heading back this summer. Photography-wise, there is something so special about the Italian seaside. Whenever I receive film back whether it’s from time spent in the Amalfi, Ischia or Sicily, there is just this raw magic that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. I’ve spent the last 2 summers with short stints in Ischia, and it was a dream.


4. You were recently in Mallorca to capture our recent SOL DE VERANO super 8 motion, what were some of the highlights from this trip?

I was, it was an incredible trip with an incredible team! The architecture from Neundorf House was easily a stand-out for me. This location had been on one of my travel boards for a few years, so it was amazing to be able to create here for Faithfull. Mallorca is such a beautiful island, and seeing the beautiful coves also during the off-season, really made it feel special and appreciate travelling during this time.

5. What does your vacation wardrobe say about you?

My vacation wardrobe includes mostly oversized shirts to pair back with denim, a bikini and my Birkenstocks for my every day - I am extremely practical and comfortable. My suitcase is filled with Faithfull staples from over the years, but currently wear the Tyde Shirt on repeat. For my evenings, I tend to lean towards a lightweight Midi. My colour palette used to be extremely tonal - but it’s been fun in recent months changing this up and introducing more blues/pinks/greens into the mix - I feel like I am entering a new fun era for dressing.

6. As a busy creative with projects within photography, videography and your own bespoke furniture business ‘House Of Slim’, where do you continue to source your inspiration?

Inspiration for me really comes from leaving my everyday. I can travel 3 hours in a car and be inspired by a natural rock formation in the hills for a HOS texture/shape - or travel 15 hours on a plane and see some beautiful old tiles on a building from the 80s - to spark a new colour palette. It really is just about leaving my comfort zone and experiencing somewhere new. You truly never know what you will be inspired by, and that’s the best part about design trips/travels.


7. Could you tell us more about the style of furniture you create within ‘House Of Slim’ and the overall aesthetic of the brand?

House of Slim creates statement pieces for the considered home and as the name suggests, is a nod to Slim Aarons re my love of film photography and nostalgic design. Aesthetically we are bold yet refined, with all furniture pieces hand-crafted from Marble and Onyx in solid block form. We are now in our second phase for House of Slim, with a 4-bedroom staycation, Slim Summer House in the heart of Bingin, Bali - Indonesia under construction. Slim Summer House will be a place to take it easy, and stay awhile.. designed and fitted with upcoming House of Slim collections and is an exciting extension of the brand, in collaboration with LA x SYD branding agency, Studio Paradise.

8. When you’re not working you love to:

Firstly I love spending time with my two doggies, Bear the Beagle and Yahtzee the Doberman/Labrador. A dog's love is just something else. Hobby-wise, if I can call it that - I absolutely cherish my time cooking. It’s my mind's way of switching off for the day, trying new things and flavours and enjoying the whole experience. I crave it when I’m away from home.

9. Are there any upcoming travels you have on your radar?

I am heading to the Greek Islands with my mum for a few weeks next month. We’ve spoken for a few years about taking a trip together, and I am so excited to show her this part of the world and also experience it as a vacation. Although my camera’s are definitely coming with me, and there will definitely be lots of moments captured.